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Marcus Teaches Us is a great book for you and your child to enjoy. Simple activites for both of you.
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Marcus Teaches Us is one of the top 3% of books recommended by the US Review of Books.
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Dr. Wint has written many childrens books giving children and parents activities to become closer.
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"Marcus Teaches Us" is the first and only book of its kind. It portrays the teachings of The Hon. Marcus Mosiah Garvey in language and pictures that all kids will love.

It is bright with innovative colouring activities, uses simple language and gives children the opportunity to practice cursive writing.

Marcus Garvey is a monumental, internationally acclaimed Black philosopher who has influenced the independence movement of every black nation in the world.

Children worldwide should each have their own copy as they deserve to have the knowledge captured in this attractive book on Marcus Garvey's teachings.

Who is Marcus Garvey

Marcus Garvey was born on August 17, 1887 in St. Ann's Bay, Jamaica. He was a publisher, journalist, entrepreneur and orator. He was a political hero and a leader; a man with a world vision and a mission. A leader in the Pan African movement, he is the first National Hero of Jamaica. In this delightful and colorful children's activity book named in his honor, Marcus Teaches Us, author Eleanor Wint continues to spread his powerful message to children. She urges them to espouse important beliefs and core values needed to make a difference in the world.