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Community and Youth Development Specialist

Eleanor Wint

Dr. Eleanor Wint is a teacher, writer, researcher, community and youth development specialist of over 30 years.

Dr. Wint is a member of CASWE, CanAuthor and WFNS.

She has travelled across three continents working with youth in diverse communities in South Africa, Ethiopia, Ghana, USA, the Caribbean and Canada.

As a founding member of the Jamaica Folk Singers, she developed her singing, drumming and theatre art to become well known for her creative and positive development work.

She has constantly worked with developing communities and families in different parts of the world, organizing international seminars and community-based action rallies for youth unification.

She has published two books on Marcus Garvey in collaboration with the Institute of Jamaica, several social work texts, as well as a non-fiction, titled "Bob Marley the Man & His Music".

With her partner of 23 years (now separated), they have two children of their own and fostered three others.

In her off time, she now lovingly cares for her first granddaughter, listens to good reggae music, tends over Basic school Boards, meditates on intuitive artist Brother Everald Brown's paintings and tries to find more time to ride her bicycle.

Ireko Baker

I want to say thanks to Ireko Baker who is the original illustrator of Marcus Teaches Us. It is his imagination and inspiration that made us work so well as a team.

So thanks again Ireko.